Growing your Twitter Followers

Growing your Twitter Followers

Twitter followers

Twitter Followers

While we know there is an array of social media tools available for social media marketing, it can be confusing to understand which one does what and what is the best one for your business.  This post is going to focus on Twitter, its benefits to your business and how to increase your twitter followers.

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media channels in the Irish market.  So what is Twitter and how do we understand all the lingo that is associated with it, from tweeting  to hashtags and everything inbetween.  Twitter as a social media tool essentially allows small businesses to build up an online persona, by sharing their ‘bite sized’ thoughts, news and infographics through tweets of 140 characters or less.  Twitter, essentially, is a micro blog, that allows you to communicate with your audience instantaneously.   One of the main benefits of using Twitter is that it is a measurable relationship building and maintenance tool, allowing you as a business to connect direct with current and prospective customers.  The benefits of using this social media channel for small Irish businesses are:

  • Connect with current and prospective customers
  • Measurable through such software as Crowdbooster which also maximises twitter reach by telling best time to tweet
  • Dialogue – Twitter allows interaction and engagement with your followers
  • People follow each other meaning business’ have a captive audience
  • ‘Now Network’ – Perfect for reaching customers on the move and in real time
  • Sharing of information to a wider network through retweeting
  • Tracking – Allows sharing of information to a wider network
  • Develop relationships with influential bloggers
  • Generate sales
  • Help in SEO ranking due to daily micro blogging
  • Ability to listen to what is being said about your business online

power of twitterTwitter

While Twitter can give your business great exposure, most don’t know how to utilise it effectively and gain followers.  The more followers you have the more exposure your business will have and the potential to be talked about, ultimately increasing revenue potential.  Adopting a proper Twitter strategy in line with your overall Social Media strategy will help you realise the benefits of using this micro blogging platform.  First things first, once you set up your Twitter account, what do all the glossary terms mean:

Twitter glossary

How to increase Twitter followers:

The most valuable asset you have is being able to create your persona for your business through the content you tweet about.  Whether it is engaging or relevant will dictate whether people follow you or Retweet your tweets.  However, while a business will start tweeting, they wonder why they don’t get responses to their initial tweets, they soon learn that they must develop a following.  While it is important to get the basics right of which the following guide will guide you through

Let’s get Digital are going to give you tips on how to increase your Twitter followers:

1)      Find and follow relevant people

Most people will check out your profile before following you so like the same way you would present yourself for an interview or your business setting, it is important that your twitter profile is presented in the most engaging way:

–          Choose a memorable name or your business name

–          Upload a suitable profile picture that appropriately represents your brand

–          Use a striking and branded background image

–          Detailed bio: you have 160 characters to describe your business so its needs to be to the point

–          Location: As so many businesses are local now a days, the importance of your location cannot be underestimated.

Use Twitter search functionality

Twitter has a search function, and this is a good starting point to search for relevant people, businesses, competitors, customers, suppliers and brand champions as well as leading industry experts to start following.  Use of the search feature on Twitter can also be used to search for tweets using keywords, location or industry.  There are a number of third party tools that can be used such as Twellow, Tweepi and wefollow.   This is also a great way to engage with people who are relevant to your industry or capitalise on a marketing opportunity.  E.g say you are a coffee house and you search for what is being discussed about coffee houses in Dublin.  You could reach out to these people by engaging with them and mentioning your business and even offering them a discount if they try your coffee house.

Find and follow Twitter Lists

This is a great source for new people to connect with others through Twitter lists.  As long as these lists are made public, you can subscribe to them, and it is a great way to gain access to a captive audience relatively easily depending on the nature of your business.

2)      Tweet Interesting Stuff

The most important element in social media and not just Twitter, is to post engaging and relevant content to your audience.  People tend to be very visual and it is proven that posts get more engagement when they are more visual in nature.  Photos and videos are an effective way to engage with your audience.  Use photos to share news, activities or events, as well as some light comic relief.

The great thing about social media and in particular Twitter, is that it is a dialogue, your audience have the ability to interact with you.  It is therefore important to talk to your audience and not at them.  By using the search facility and knowing your audience, you will already know what they are talking about and it is a good way to get engaged in those conversations through use of questions, answer them, retweet and respond.  This element of twitter is becoming so popular that many companies are now using Twitter as their main customer service tool.

3)      Engage

Twitter is great as a monitoring tool, from seeing what your competitors are doing, to what is being discussed at an industry level and even about your own company.  This gives you the opportunity to get involved in these conversations and to try and engage as much as possible with current but also prospective customers.  See what conversations are being discussed and try and get involved and engage in these through comments or retweeting some of their links.  By being more engaged, it will get your business in front of more people and almost acts similar to the word of mouth principle.

Through the use of hashtag conversations, you can join numerous conversations and can add numerous followers provided you have something relevant and engaging to add to the conversation.

You can also engage and maximise your Twitter reach through the use of third party sites such as Hootsuite and Crowdbooster which allow you to send scheduled Tweets during certain time periods.

4)      Promote your Twitter account through Social Media plug ins

Whether it be through your existing business (i.e. retail shop) or online, leverage your following that you have built up elsewhere and through other channels by promoting your Twitter account.  This can come in numerious forms whether it be:

–          Talking up Twitter through promotional material in your business, social media plugins on other social media channels, website or blog.  There is the ability to include a “follow me on Twitter” call to action on all correspondence.

–          Include links on Facebook, Linkedin or other social media channels to gain as much coverage as possible and promote your Twitter page ultimately increasing your followers.  There is the possibility to sync all your posts, updates and tweets using a tool such as Hootsuite.

Now that you have an understanding of Twitter and how to gain followers, all that remains is to start Tweeting and grow your followers.  Another step to getting digital!


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