How to use Facebook for Small Business?

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Get started guide – How to use Facebook for your Small Business

If you are a small business owner you may be wondering, How to use Facebook for small business? Read on for answers to all your Facebook related questions.
Facebook is a vital marketing resource for small business, recent statistics show there are over 2.2 million Irish Facebook users, that is almost 50% of the Irish population. According to Facebook, more than half of Facebook users log in every day, with the average user spending twenty minutes on his or her account, as a small business you cannot afford to ignore this unique marketing opportunity.


For lots more information on the rise and popularity of Facebook in Ireland check out

Read on for loads more on how to use Facebook for your small business, including the many benefits it offers, how to get started and a step by step guide to getting the most from your Facebook experience.

What makes Facebook such an effective marketing tool?

word of mouth advertising

 Word of Mouth Marketing

The main advantage Facebook can offer any business is word of mouth marketing, studies have shown that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations over other sources. This means that getting a Like on Facebook for your business is in theory more valuable than other forms of traditional paid advertising. According to “Facebook ads, when used effectively, are able to benefit greatly from word-of-mouth advertising in a way that other ads cannot.

Benefits for Small business using Facebook
Here is some of the other benefits Facebook can offer small businesses:
• it allows you to connect with customers
• win new business
• run events & competitions
• complete market research
• build relationships
• provides businesses with unique insights and analysis for their marketing activities

Sign up for your Free Facebook page for Business
Business owners can sign up for a Facebook page for their business for free, start by clicking create a page button.

Here are some more helpful tips for setting up an effective Facebook page for your business:
• Pick a meaningful name – the page name is one of the main factors for ranking on Facebook search, so try to choose a catchy/memorable name
• Use photos/images to depict your brand – a picture says a thousand words
• Provide short concise information about your business in the info tab, make it compelling enough that visitors want to learn more
• Arrange your views and apps, to make the page visually appealing, avoid clutter
• Always change from the automatically generated Url http://www.12jjg8\$%gUK?fref=tto to vanity Url make sure to use your business name or other keywords in the url
• Customise your landing page to make it look attractive and engaging, helping to convert visitors into fans
• Post updates and content regularly keeping content fresh and interesting for fans and potential fans alike
• Use multimedia content for your page, post videos, product images, post and tag images from events and encourage your fans to do the same, ensuring variety of content
• Carry out polls to try to engage fans and encourage discussions
• Keep an eye on competitors pages, are they doing something you haven’t covered? If so take action
• Manage your page through admin panel, this will give you access to Page insights, allowing you to keep track of activity, and take action where needed.

Advertising on Facebook
Businesses can also pay for a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook. Given the level of personal information Facebook holds on its users, it can offer targeted advertising based on age, location, gender, interests, marital status, nationality etc. Facebook allows you to set a daily budget, helping you stay within your marketing budget, once you hit the daily limit the ad will stop showing. Costs of advertising on Facebook are relatively low when compared with other traditional print or media advertising, and can be easily controlled.
One major advantage of using paid advertising on Facebook is that it allows you to build a database containing in-depth information about customers and potential customers. This will provide your business with an invaluable database which can be used into the future. Another advantage is that you can target potential consumers who are pre-disposed to your product/service by virtue of the fact that you can target very specific segments e.g. females 25+ age group, living in Dublin who like gyms/Pilates classes.

Check out this short Facebook for Small business webinar, its full of helpful information on how to get started with lots of interesting ideas and resources to get you off to a good start.

Digital Insights have a really informative guide for small businesses that are new to Facebook, its well worth checking out.

Now its Over to You
Facebook provide a simple step by step guide to setting up your very own Facebook page for your business.

You will find lots more helpful information and tips on the official Facebook marketing page.

Stay tuned to Let’s Get Digital for more help getting your small business Digital marketing plans off the ground!

Let us know if you found this post helpful, would it encourage you to use Facebook to promote your business?


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