Write your own Blog – A Guide for Small Business

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How to write your own Blog – what you need to know for small business blogging

Writing a blog on your business website is a great way to communicate with your target market, it will help you get more traffic on your site, helps you keep in touch with customers and it’s easy to do once you know how. That’s why we have put together this guide on how to write your own blog, we hope you find it helpful.

What is a Blog?


“Personal online diary, journal or news source compiled by one person, an internal team or external guest authors. Postings are usually in different categories. Typically comments can be added to each blog posting to help create interactivity and feedback” that’s the official definition of a blog, but as a blog is user generated content there are no hard and fast rules. A blog can take the form of a diary giving regular updates or it can contain articles with links to other websites etc. It all depends on what you want to use your blog for – to grow your business, as an interactive communication tool, sales tool, provide customers with information, build your network etc. the possibilities are endless.

How will writing a blog help your small business?

So now you know what a blog is, here’s some reasons you should start writing your own blog.

Website traffic – every post  you write will provide more content for your website and therefore give Google more content to index for its rankings, so the more quality content you have the higher up Google rankings your site will appear.

Build awareness –for your business and brand.

Sales tool – You can use your blog to promote your products/services and you can direct traffic back to your businesses website.

Allows you to keep in contact with customers and potential customers –and its free if you do it yourself.  Read on for more tips on getting your own blog started.

Helps you to build relationships and a network –you can benefit by linking your blog to that of similar businesses/professional blogs if they reciprocate it’s a win win both businesses benefit from the association, and it’s one of the easiest ways of attracting new readers to your blog. Also having a blog will help to build relationships with customers, it’s a way of getting to know your business for customers, and particularly in the online world makes the intangible more tangible, customers will be more likely to be loyal to a business they feel they know and have a connection with.

Opens lines of communication –your business blog will give readers the opportunity to respond to posts, it will encourage readers to give feedback and can provide key insights for your business. Also the more interaction the better your  Google ranking will be.

Create a list of prospects – ensure to include the option for readers to sign up for regular updates on your blog this will give you a list of qualified hot leads, they are people who have shown an interest in you and your business and there’s a strong chance they will convert into actual sales.


Brings together all your social media tools – you can use your blog to expand on the information you post on other social media platforms.

For lots more helpful tips on Blogging and content marketing listen to this really helpful podcast from socialmediaexaminer.com.

How to get started?

There are lots of options available to get you started with your own blog, we are going to focus on WordPress.com 

Using WordPress means that you can create your own basic blog for free or you can upgrade to premium for $99 or business for $299. You don’t need to employ the services of an external agency, all you need is to commit to providing regular good quality content that will be informative and useful for your target audience.

To get started with WordPress all you need to do is register .

There’s lots of help and support to get you started including a getting started guide and video guide.


What to write about?

The key to a successful blog is to keep your content interesting and engaging so people continue to read it and start to promote your blog within their own communities.

Follow these steps to get you on the right track for creating quality content:

Read other blogs and follow those in similar business to you, this will provide a great source of ideas and ensure that you stay current.

Use topical content – use what’s going on in the news that’s related to your business, post questions to encourage interaction with your audience.

Make a list – 10 reasons to, 5 ways to etc. are always popular.

Review something – product reviews for new products in your range.

Provide useful solutions – how to, will make your blog useful to readers.

Link to other related blogs – this will benefit you by providing useful content the reputation of your blog as a useful resource will improve.

Post exclusive offers/promotions – that are only available to subscribers to your blog.

Post questions or polls – can be used for market research and can help to get people talking about your company.

Promote industry events – helping to make you appear as a key player in the industry.

Post photos/video – displaying products, product tutorials, employee interviews etc.

For a really simple one page guide check out business blogging from simplybusiness.co.uk. It covers everything from how to choose your content to how to set up an editorial calendar.

lets get started

Time to get started on your own blog, let us know how you get on!


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